FAKRA T & I was founded in 1985 by Dr.Carlos Guillermo Adem. However, its roots go back to a three century old family-owned distillery located in the heart of Mount Lebanon.

Traditional know-how, modern equipment and continuous research make "ARAK FAKRA Spirits" and "CHATEAU FAKRA

Wine" unique products on the local and international markets.

FAKRA T & I, while maintaining its prestigious standing, has lately expanded its exports worldwide.

  • Chateau Fakra

    Le vin des dieux

  • Wine is earth’s
    answer to the sun.

    Margaret Fuller

    wines owe their quality

    ... to a harmonial blend of exceptional vine-plants


  • Chateau Fakra

    a Myth ... a Taste ...
    ... a Great Wine

  • A bottle of wine contains
       more Philosophy...
        than all books in the world

    Louis Pasteur

  • Traditional know-how

    Modern equipment and continuous research